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Een van onze spoken word artiesten (Justin Samgar) werd overgevlogen naar Saint Tropez om een Engelstalige spoken word presentatie te doen van de nieuwe Wajer 55s.  Dit Friese merk voor luxe yachts wilde hun klantenkring in de haven van Saint Tropez op een bijzondere manier kennis laten maken met hun laatste model.

Een feestelijk evenement, georganiseerd door Vel’Or Graceful Events, een speciale openingsshow met muziek, lichten en spoken word op maat geschreven en gepresenteerd door één van onze artiesten. Het was een gedenkwaardig evenement dat doorging tot in de late uurtjes bij de Capitainerie du port de Saint-Tropez.

Huisdichters en spoken word artiesten

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Spoken Word Presentatie Wajer 55s

Now this is the magical place where in 2009, the summer,
Dries borrowed the first 37 from a customer
to show everyone in St. Tropez how a Wajer cruises
In the daytime he passed out flyers, toldpeople what the news is
He drove his scooter to the most expensive houses, he chooses
And in the night he slept aboard at this borrowed Wajer 37
until they gained a foothold in the Mediterranean

1:04 (wajer 38 lights)
After this floating pioneer
Seven years of insight later, the Wajer 38 appeared,
with a new frame and hood that made it clear,
you have more space and a unique design from front to rear.
A success story that never disappeared

1:20 (wajer 38s lights)
And after that came the 38S which is the sporty version that revered,
with a center console its viable and fully geared.
The centrally located cockpit under a sturdy bimini-top
gives this beauty a recognizable look and is also a useful prop.

1:37 (wajer 55 lights)
And then came the “mini super yacht”, the Wajer 55.
A 55 feet beautiful machine that feels so alive
Which was introduced at the Monaco Boat Show and still thrives.
It is bigger then everything before from the Wajer archive
and with an incredibly wide range of innovations,
that is based on user experience and new insights as a foundation.

2:10 (all wajer lights)
From 1 boat in service and sales
to 47 boats and St. Tropez is still their base.
The largest Wajer Hub is where it all began,
with you their customers and friends,
and hence the most sensible place
to introduce the newest sibling in this family brand.

2:28 (wajer 55s lights)
Today Wajer is launching and presenting the 55S
So ladies and gentlemen,
Without further ado I present to you…
Sport, space, speed and style put to the test
The Wajer 55 S!!!!

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