Spoken word bij een talkshow over duurzaamheid op de Erasmus Universiteit, georganiseerd door Star Management. Te gast waren sprekers Jan Peter Balkenende, Maria van der Heijden, Rob van Tulder en Anton van Beek. Een van onze artiesten maakte ter plekke een live-wrap-up van het gesprek tussen het publiek, presentator Talitha Muusse en de vier gasten.


Live Wrap Up

Een aantal van onze dichters en spoken word artiesten zijn heel goed in het ter plekke samenvatten van talkshows, symposiums en andere evenementen met sprekers.  Soms met een kleine knipoog, altijd met een scherpe blik en een inspirerende boodschap aan het einde.


Woordkunstenaars en muzikanten

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Live Wrap Up Spoken Word – Sustainability Talks Erasmus

Today we came together for a challenge because we are all trying to understand the problem.

And I respect that a lot, I am thankful to witness an event and people that really care about these issues. All of you. Thank you for being you and doing what you do.

I am not a prime minister, a company president, director or professor. I am just an artist. But instead of a summary I will try to answer the same questions as asked to these wonderful guests.  


Is one problem bigger than the other?  Yeah of course. But the sum of problems is even bigger. Bigger then every compelling story that we can tell about all of these individual problems. Problems that ar also connected to each other. But in theory we are with enough smart and wealthy people to solve all of these problems in a reasonable amount of time. Or is it may be harder for smart and wealthy people to solve these problems? Because maybe they don’t really know what real problems are.


Can we tackle the climate crisis if more than 1 billion people are living in poverty?

Well… there is also the other 6.7 billion people not living in poverty, they can probably have some of an impact on this world. Let’s stop pointing fingers to stumble blocks that are distracting us from what we can do.


Is revolution or transition more needed to complete the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030? Yes I think we need a transition, a moonshot, a cold turkey to wake up from a lifestyle that we as a society and economy seem to be addicted to.  We need consumers, students, companies and governments to start the transformation right now.


Should polluting industries be banned by the government or should they undergo a transition to become sustainable?

A person or a company who does harm to living beings and the planet must be stopped. Everybody who earned money with robbing us from a healthy planet and living beings must be stopped and must pay for what they took. This planet cannot be owned by companies, companies who pollute our health, wealth and environment and let us pay the price with our life. It’s as simple as that.


So to come back to the most important question of today:

A sustainable world!!! Who’s responsibility is that?


I think it’s no one’s responsibility…. And at the same time everybody’s responsibility. This planet was already sustainable and is responsible for itself like everything on this world. But by being successful 

as the nr. 1 predator between all living beings in this world, we humans are asking a lot of our environment and also each other. Can we sustain our way of living and our life’s if we continue in the

same way as we did before and doing now? So the question should not be who’s responsibility is it to have a sustainable world. Because this world will still exist if we are all gone…. The question should

be…. Do you want to live?


We conquered nature and each other. We won race with all the other animals, we’re the strongest and the smartest. On earth we are the alpha predators but we are also human beings with a global conscience. We are all responsible for our self,  but being on top of the food chain with 7.7 billion apex predators, in the long-term that means you have to treat every element of this planet with respect and love. Because in nature everything and every part is connected. So live this life to the fullest and try to be connected, to this world, to this planet. Try to be better. We talked about it for years but the time for action is now.  Everybody. Don’t be evil. Be a leader. Make a change and let’s choose life. Let’s live.